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WP Social Blogroll (formerly known as Feed Reading Blogroll) provides a sidebar-widget and a template-tag that add an enhanced blogroll to your sidebar. It checks on all your linked sites, when the most recent update has occured (see example in my sidebar on the frontpage).

The plugin is inspired by Blogger’s Blog List.

The check is performed by reading the date of the most recent feed-item. The feeds must be valid RSS2 or ATOM-feeds, otherwise the plugin cannot read the date-information provided by the feed. The Plugin uses the Google AJAX Feed API to access the feeds.

Based on this information, the age of the most recent feed-item is calculated and then displayed under each bookmark in your sidebar.

Furthermore, an icon for each bookmark can be displayed.

Language support Belorussian Catalan Danish Dutch English French Hebrew Hungarian Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian German

The great Gianni Diurno took the effort to translate this page into Italian. So if you prefer that language, visit his site.


Download at wordpress.org


Come to the forum.

Documentation, Installation, Configuration

All documentation is located at the Wiki.

There you will see, how to install the plugin and how to configure it.

Language support

The plugin comes with support for the languages mentioned below. It can be translated into other languages as well.

If you like, you can take the file feedreading_blogroll-de_DE.po and use it as the basis for a translation into your own language.

You can contact me, if you have translated the file and I will add the new language to my plugin. Currently these languages are supported:

Place the language-file (just the one with the .mo-extension) inside /wp-content/plugins/feed-reading-blogroll/. Download the latest language file here.

Change Log

The changelog can be found at the plugin-page.

What others are saying


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

A Big Thank You

These people helped me a lot during the development of the plugin. So I say thank you to:

268 thoughts on “WP Social Blogroll”

  1. ahh..thank you. I thought is was a text decoration, not a border. Some of your php I am struggling to understand, I was not able to identify the li elements vs. the text elements for date and titles.

    I modified the function widget_feedreading_blogroll_style_classic() by including inline styles for those 2 elements. You can see the result on my blog.

    Thanks for the plugin!

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  3. Hello Pigo,

    when I visit your blog http://www.pigo.idv.tw I don’t get any error-messages. My plugin doesn’t even seem to be activated.

    I can’t help you, if I am unable to check the error myself. could you please activate the plugin and tell me where it is installed?


  4. What does it say? What language is it? Could be Taiwanese or Mandarin, which are languages I can’t speak or read.

    Could you translate it into English, please?

    Or is it still the error jQuery(”#feedreading_blogroll_ > li”).tsort is not a function from your first comment?

  5. The plugin-directory contains a file called jquery.tinysort.packed.js. Deleted it.

    Then, rename the file jquery.tinysort.js into jquery.tinysort.packed.js.

    In the end, reload the homepage of your blog and please tell me, if this has worked.

  6. Could you please try the following:

    • disable plugin WP-Codebox
    • Reload your blog to check, if the error still occurs
    • enable plugin WP-Codebox
    • Tell me what happened


  7. Hello,

    I don’t know if it is a bug, but at the WordPress-forums there a several posts (1, 2) that describe similar problems with WP-CodeBox.

    I recommend to upload the original file jquery.tinysort.packed.js to the plugin-directory now.

  8. WA Ha Ha
    I fixed the bug.
    Maybe codebox include the jquery.js after jquery.tinysort.packed.js
    so all jquery object will reinit agian.
    I remove the from code-box
    now there is no error ^^

  9. Yes, I know about this JavaScript-error. It only occurs on the admin-pages. I havn’t figured out a solution yet.

    As it causes no problems, I don’t consider it as high priority at the moment.

    I don’t have a quick bugfix for this, sorry.

  10. TQ bro,

    finally my installation is successful even though i really don’t know and don’t understand why should change to cmod. The best blogroll plug in

  11. Hi there. I belong to a group of bloggers that maintain by a third party ( crazykinux) Would your plugin allow me to punch in HIS api so that the blogroll would be updated? Forgive me if this wan answered above, in your comments section.

  12. Hello!

    Hi there. I belong to a group of bloggers that maintain by a third party ( crazykinux) Would your plugin allow me to punch in HIS api so that the blogroll would be updated? Forgive me if this wan answered above, in your comments section.

    I don’t know if I understand your two questions.

    • What do you mean with “… maintain by a third party (crazykinux) …” ??? Who or what is crazykinux?
    • What does “punch in HIS api” mean? The blogroll is updated with every reload of the blog.
  13. Jan

    I have tried a number of different ways of configuring this plugin but i have had no luck. The problem seems to be access to the wp-content directory. i have set 777 on the directory and the plugin is still unable to write the file. i have even created the file manually, set it to 777 and tried to rebuil – this also does not work for me. Is there a way to manually create the file?



  14. Hi Nathan,

    there is no way to create the file manually. Is there an errormessage or a warning visible on the plugin’s admin-page?

    If yes, could you please post the text of it here (or even better: in my forum?)

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  17. Thanks for a very nice plugin!

    It would be even nicer if links with no feed (static pages for instance) would simply show the title as the normal blogroll, I get a linebreak and a colon which looks a little strange.

    1. Hej Markus! This is great! Thank you very much! If you could send me the language-files, I would include them in the next version of the plugin.

      Until the next version is out, just add the files to the plugin-directory of the blogroll on your server, i.e. yourblog.se/wp-content/plugins/feed-reading-blogroll/

      1. I have worked thorugh the *.po-file, but what about the *.mo? Is it automatically created or how do I edit?

        So I just have to put the translated *.po file in my directory? Where is the choice of language made?

        I cant find Your mail-adress. Send me a mail for me to send you the file. /markus

      2. Now I figured it out! 🙂 I had a *.mo file generated, and now its working fine in Swedish!!!

        I start using it from now on and I will go through the translation once again before I send it to You.


  18. Hi,

    I made a French translation :


    I’m having problems though. I use the qTranslate plugin (I have a French and an English version of my blog), and for some reasons the Blogroll is in English on both versions, except for the “Close preview” which is in French on both versions.

    I haven’t upgraded to WP 2.8 yet, waiting for qTranslate to be ready for it. I doubt that’s the problem though.

    1. Hi Steve,

      thanks a lot for the translation. I was hoping that someone would come up with a French version some day 🙂 I don’t use qTranslate by now, so I could not reproduce your problem. But I will look into it and hopefully we will solve this 🙂

    1. Hi Stewie!

      The URL-check does not show the RSS-addresses of feeds verified by Google Feed Discovery.

      If you see the RSS-address it means that you saved this particular rss-address with your bookmark http://nickifrances.blogspot.com/.

      Go to the link-admin-section of your admin-dashboard and open this bookmark. I bet that you will find the erroneous rss-address there. You can correct the address there or remove it.

      If you remove it, Google Feed Discovery will be used from there on for this bookmark. GFD is not used for a bookmark, as long as it has an rss-address saved at the link-admin-section.

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