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WP Social Blogroll (formerly known as Feed Reading Blogroll) provides a sidebar-widget and a template-tag that add an enhanced blogroll to your sidebar. It checks on all your linked sites, when the most recent update has occured (see example in my sidebar on the frontpage).

The plugin is inspired by Blogger’s Blog List.

The check is performed by reading the date of the most recent feed-item. The feeds must be valid RSS2 or ATOM-feeds, otherwise the plugin cannot read the date-information provided by the feed. The Plugin uses the Google AJAX Feed API to access the feeds.

Based on this information, the age of the most recent feed-item is calculated and then displayed under each bookmark in your sidebar.

Furthermore, an icon for each bookmark can be displayed.

Language support Belorussian Catalan Danish Dutch English French Hebrew Hungarian Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian German

The great Gianni Diurno took the effort to translate this page into Italian. So if you prefer that language, visit his site.


Download at wordpress.org


Come to the forum.

Documentation, Installation, Configuration

All documentation is located at the Wiki.

There you will see, how to install the plugin and how to configure it.

Language support

The plugin comes with support for the languages mentioned below. It can be translated into other languages as well.

If you like, you can take the file feedreading_blogroll-de_DE.po and use it as the basis for a translation into your own language.

You can contact me, if you have translated the file and I will add the new language to my plugin. Currently these languages are supported:

Place the language-file (just the one with the .mo-extension) inside /wp-content/plugins/feed-reading-blogroll/. Download the latest language file here.

Change Log

The changelog can be found at the plugin-page.

What others are saying


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

A Big Thank You

These people helped me a lot during the development of the plugin. So I say thank you to:

268 thoughts on “WP Social Blogroll”

  1. Hello,

    Congrats, nice plugin!

    I’ve read the hole manual, and the forum, and this page.
    I can’t make the portuguese language work.
    I just throught the archive feedreading_blogroll-pt_PT.mo inside the …/feed-reading-blogroll/ folder, and nothing happens.

    Please help. I spend already 2 hours trying.

      1. first of all, very nice plugin.

        now, i’m using wordpress 2.9 and i noticed a weird behavior when i added my romanian translation after i made all the settings i wanted for the plugin.

        the last update messages in the blogroll were still in english (e.g. 2 hrs ago). in the administration view i could see the translations.

        in order to work i had to uncheck Show update-information and recheck it. this was pure dumb luck to stumble upon this work-around 🙂

        waiting for the fix 😀

        1. The JavaScript had to be rebuild after you added the translations. this happened when you changed the settings. There will be no other workaround — changing the settings is the workaround.

  2. Hi,

    I’m trying to use the widget in a cusmotized place, using feedreading_blogroll(), but it shows without any parameters that I set in the options menu. So where do I find the parameters to put inside the ()?


  3. This is a fantastic plugin, thanks very much for writing it. One quick question: when I place it in my sidebar it causes my footer to float slightly to the left and become off-center. Do you have any idea why that might be or if there’s a way to edit the file to correct it? Thanks again for everything.

    1. It is hard for me to give an answer to your question as I am unable to have a look at your blog. I might get an idea to solve your problem if you could post the URL of your blog.

  4. Hi, I love your blogroll plugin, but I really have to make it nofollow even in the home, its a very specific case. But I need like this.
    What should I do to have this option chosen?

    Thanks a lot, please answer!
    Best regards from brasil

    1. Got to the link-manager of your blog and open the link there. Then go to the section labeled ”Link Relationship (XFN)” .

      There you will find an input-field named “rel:”. Enter nofollow and save your change.

      Your link is now tagged as nofollow.

  5. Nice plugin! I have a suggestion/comment.
    I want to create a Blog Network wordpress blog. I was looking at this plugin and it seems perfect for it. Only thing this plugin is for the sidebar not for the main page itself. Is there anyway this feature can be added? I can have a grid of blogger feeds on a page. and it updates the latest one..same like this one..and moves it to the top. This feature would be awesome!


  6. I like your plugin but I am even more intrigued by the one on the left hand side of your page that has all those social network buttons. Any idea where I could get a hold of that one? Thanks.

  7. I’ll start of with, nice plug-in!

    Just one question. Is there a way to add a sort of default title for the newest post title if no title exists? So I don’t just get an empty box that links to their newest post.

    1. There is no way to do this with version 1.5.4. An update to the plugin would be necessary.

      However, in your case there was a post with an empty title? The rest of the feed was valid, i.e. all other posts had non-empty titles? Or was the whole feed invalid?

      Either way, the problem is, that the feed is incomplete on the bookmark’s side. I don’t know if it is a good idea to adjust the plugin to deal with all kind of errors coming from external sources …

      But I promise you that I’ll look into it. Could you please post the URL of the blog with the empty-title-post?

      1. No problems with the feed or anything like that. It’s just that I got a friend that never use titles for their posts. So I would be nice to have a sort of fall back title if the post doesn’t have a title of their own.

        Here’s the URL for her blog


  8. Hello,

    i have translated this plugin but don’t have email or contact info of any concerned person for this.

    can you please contact me so that i can discuss it further to get the language added to your plugin.

  9. Hallo, ich bekomme immer eine Fehlermeldung, wenn ich das Plugin aktiviere:

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\inetpub\blog_anja\wp-content\plugins\feed-reading-blogroll\feedreading_blogroll.php on line 2569

    Kannst du helfen?

      1. I have installed it and changed it to Portuguese. Also the setup is already done. Stopped at Creating a linkpage, because I didn’t need anything else.

        But the links are only showing:

        I wanted

        Last Updated:

          1. Oh, I see … This is not supported at the moment. You would have to hack the plugin to get the additional “Last Updated:”.

            Open the php-file and go to line 1836. Replace ageMsg.push(":"); with ageMsg.push("Last Updated:");. Upload the plugin-file to your server and rebuild the javascript-file with the button from the plugin’s settings-page.

            I could add an option to the plugin to allow you to add additional text without hacking the file. This would be available with the next version 1.5.5. It could take a little while for me to do that.

    1. Yes, there is. The plugin supports the target-setting from the native wordpress-linksmanager.

      Got to the linkmanager and change your links’ target-setting to _blank. That way, the links will open in a new windows.

      However, this is a per-link setting, i.e. you will have to apply this setting to each individual link.

  10. Hi. I want to thank you for the wonderful plugin which I’d searched for a long time.

    Just want to ask you a question, how can I make the Classic-Style-Blogroll post title clickable? As you can see here , the page where I used your plugin, the only clickable one is the Blog Name not the blog latest post. Is there any way bout it? Cause i love it simple.

    1. Hallo Bella,

      ich habe mir Dein Blog mal genauer angesehen. Das Ursache ist, dass Dein WordPress-Theme mehere JavaScripts verlinkt und das in der falschen Reihenfolge. Im Quellcode Deines Themes ist folgendes JavaScript verlinkt: http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.1/jquery.min.js

      Es sollte der allererste JavaScript-Link sein. Allerdings kommen davor fälschlicherweise viele andere JavaScript-Links. Diese benötigen JavaScript-Code aus der Datei jquery.min.js, weswegen sie eigentlich nicht davor im HTML-Code auftauchen dürfen.

      Die Ursache ist also Dein Theme, welches entsprechend korrigiert werden müsste.

      1. Schade, so gute Kenntnisse um das zu verbessern habe ich leider nicht.

        Muss man denn in vielen Dateien Änderungen machen um das Problem beheben zu können?


        1. Hmm … das hängt von Deinem WordPress-Theme ab. Lässt sich so aus der Entfernung schlecht sagen. Es kann auch an einem der Plugins liegen oder an der Kombination aus beiden.

          Wenn Du mir Dein komplettes Theme mal als Zip-Datei schicken könntest, dann kann ich Dir vielleicht weiterhelfen (kontakt -AT- weinschenker.name).

  11. Is it possible to have two different versions running at the same time? I’d like to have a full list of my blogroll on a page, but also have the condensed scrolling version on my sidebar (perhaps with a link saying “See Full List” below it that when clicked goes to the page). Is this possible somehow?

      1. I do have a link page with this plugin that I like a lot, you can see it her: http://gettingirlie.com/?page_id=308

        I want that to stay just the way it is, it’s perfect.

        My question is, is it somehow also possible to have the sidebar widget too, only without it showing the full list? If I add the sidebar widget to my sidebar, the options I choose in the settings will apply to both the page and the sidebar widget.

        What I was wondering was is there some way I could tweak the code somewhere so I could leave the page the way it is, but have the condensed rolling links for the sidebar?

        1. The current version does not support different styles for sidebar and linkpage.

          Unfortunately, this would require a substantial upgrade to the plugin …

          I might add this feature some time in the future. But I can’t promise you a definitive target date for it.

          1. Ok no worries 🙂 It’s not a deal breaker, I’ll just keep the page as the blogroll is suuuuuuper long! haha Thanks for your quick replies!

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